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Cleaner, quieter and simple to switch. Shell GTL Fuel can be used on any diesel vehicles without modifications making it that much easier to make the change to a greener alternative.


Gas to Liquid

Greener Alternative Fuel

What is GTL?


GTL stands for ‘Gas to Liquids’/ GTL fuel is a liquid fuel made from natural gas rather than crude oil. It’s improved combustion properties help to reduce emissions of regulated pollutants and positively impact local air quality.


Shell GTL Fuel burns more cleanly than conventional crude oil-based diesel and produces fewer local emissions and less particulate matter including black smoke

Lower operational costs

Decreased AdBlue consumption, improved engine life, Less strain on your fleets DPF and EGR Systems.

Stable in storage

Excellent stability, storage over 5 years perfect for back-up supplies.

Cold weather performance

With a Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) of -20°Cits perfect all year round no matter where you are in the UK.

Lower noise pollution 

Taking care of the environment with 1- 8 DB less noise pollution. 

City Traffic

On-road heavy duty transport

Already being used in public buses, city utility vehicles and heavy-duty trucks in Europe.

5- 37 % NOx reduction range.

10 - 38 % Particulate matter reduction range 

With over a decade of field trials across the globe, no maintenance or operational issues were discovered. Drivers commented on reduced odour and exhaust smoke improving not only the environmental impact but the overall experience compared to conventional diesel.

Off-road vehicles 

Shell's GTL fuel can also be used in off road machinery such as construction cranes, diggers, power generators and trains. Simpler engine technology for these vehicle types and less stringent fuel specifications.

Shell GTL fuel offers:

6 - 25% NOx reduction range

10 - 90% Particulate matter reduction range 

Reported noise reduction of approximately 3-5 dB

Off-road trials show shell GTL Fuel can be used effectively as a 'drop-in' fuel in a wide range of applications under different operating conditions.

Virtually sulphur and aromatics-free

Excellent low-temperature performance

Clear, waterwhite

High cetane number (75-80)


Almost odourless

Ready to switch?

A small investment, for maximum impact

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